de·con·struc·tion n. systematic disassembly of building structures to salvage materials for reuse



Please visit Salvage Works in Kenton for vintage building materials salvaged from our projects

2030 N. Willis Blvd.  Portland OR  97217
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Lovett Deconstruction, Inc. [CCB#173875] is a full-service deconstruction operation.  We provide services for residential, commercial, and public buildings, ranging from partial dismantling to the disassembly of entire structures.  We also stock select salvaged materials for resale. 


When remodeling, deconstruction can be utilized in the first stage of the process, as in the case of dismantling a kitchen to its framework (the studs).  When a building needs to be removed completely, deconstruction provides an opportunity to systematically reverse the construction process, from roof to foundation, in order to salvage all reusable materials from the structure. 


Deconstruction is the sustainable counterpart to demolition; its practice diverts material from the waste stream and allows for affordable building products to cycle back into the community or to be reused directly in refurbishing the structures from which they are removed.