Field Operations Manager

The Field Operations Manager at Lovett Deconstruction facilitates coordination and improvement of all of the organization’s field operations, The work of this position focuses on creating and maintaining systems to ensure smooth functions including project start-up through completion; and, clear communication, and connection between field and office staff. The Field Operations Manager strives to create effective operating systems, or maintain those in place based on evolving industry regulations, field crew effectiveness and satisfaction, office efficiency and communications, and opportunities to increase sustainable practices.



  • Contribute towards the achievement of company’s strategic and operational objectives

  • Coordinate with the business operations manager, safety manager, scheduler, warehouse manager and owners to investigate problems and improve systems in support of stronger operations

  • Utilize many veins of inquiry to gather information to create or improve existing systems including, research of industry practices and technology, observation, crew surveys, formal and informal interviews, and data analysis

  • Ensure that the work being done in the field is correct, cost-effective, timely and in alignment with company standards and specifications

  • Communicate clearly and regularly with office staff

  • Research solutions, communicate ideas clearly, ask for feedback, and integrate ideas into working proposals if a problem arises

  • Design individually or collaboratively, trainings that meet goals of improved operation in the field

  • Help others solve problems especially as they intersect with your particular domain

  • Develop systems to support the field policies and procedures at Lovett Deconstruction


  • Utilize multi-modal communication and data analysis tools

  • Articulate, maintain, and improve quality control through job starts, site visits and employee check ins

  • Provide tool and/or material delivery and pick-up, as needed

  • Develop and deliver training for field staff regarding standard operating procedures and systems


  • Maintain inventory on hand and related invoices 

  • Keep current information on suppliers and pricing

  • Maintain logs and information related to tool distribution and purchase

  • Recommend tool and equipment purchases as needed

Personnel Supervision

  • Provide performance reviews and other performance related feedback 

  • Oversee employee training

  • Design and implement regular crew lead check ins

  • Design and coordinate systems to train new field staff working to continually improve the experience and effectiveness of training experience for new employees

  • Reference the SOP handbook regularly, suggest and implement improvements in collaboration with Safety Manager and owners

  • Encourage communication by offering avenues for feedback, personal check-ins with both leads and crew, surveys, or all-staff activities


  • Implement and promote environmental considerations and sustainability practices in company operations


  • Proven work experience as an operations manager

  • Adequate knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operations management

  • Competent IT skills with an ability and desire gain necessary skills

  • Leadership and organizational skills

  • Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • A passion for efficiency

  • Strong time management skills 

  • Solution-oriented response to problems in the office and the field

  • Experience with operating systems

  • Genuine desire to improve the company and retain employees through a positive and supported employee experience

  • Budget development and oversight experience

  • Familiarity with business and financial principles and practices

  • Working knowledge of budgets, forecasting and metrics

  • Experience in the field of sustainability



You do your job to the letter. You handle the many aspects of your job easily and you collaborate well. You fulfill the daily, weekly, and monthly requirements of your tasks. You communicate regularly with staff and field employees. You conduct regular trainings and assessments of systems, both formally and informally. You readily apply solutions offered by the owners or other staff integrating these into operational or policy changes. If a problem arises you eagerly research solutions, communicate ideas clearly, ask for feedback, and integrate ideas into working proposals. 


You take pride in your job and it shows. You are able to see the big picture of the operating systems and their intersection with employees. You demonstrate a passion to improve the company and support its employees by seeking effective solutions. You take ownership of your job and see potential for growth, improvement, and promotion in the company. You rarely need reminders about any aspect of your job. You consistently meet your daily, weekly, and monthly objectives fulfilling tasks easily and with enthusiasm. Employees express confidence in the training they receive under your direction. You readily apply solutions offered by the owners or other staff, integrating these into operational or policy changes. Your communication is clear and your collaboration is impeccable. 

  • At minimum an annual review of your job will be conducted with one or both of the owners, typically scheduled for the month of the year you were hired. Less formal, quarterly check-ins will also be conducted, but we have an open door policy when it comes to feedback.  If, at any time you would like to chat about your performance, goals, or questions you have about any aspect of your work, we encourage you to schedule time for a chat. 

  • The requirements outlined above are expected to be carried out thoroughly and proficiently. We expect our employees to strive for excellence in performance in as many areas as possible. We value your role in the company and understand it is our job to support you as you strive for excellence. To that end, assessment is a two-way street and we look forward to collaboration, productive, and constructive dialogue to help you meet your career goals and to make this company a great company to work for.

When applying please include a resume and cover letter.