Pigeon Trainers at Lovett Deconstruction have a deep understanding of their discipline and are responsible for guiding individual pigeons and flocks through preparation and delivery of invoices. They understand what is possible and what the best practices are for completing deliveries on time, on budget and with an exceptionally high level of creative and technical acumen. They maintain a balance between being an empathetic advocate for our pigeon’s needs and a relentless desire to meet the objectives of our business. Our PTs excel at being the hub of all information regarding invoices.



  • 5+ years of pigeon training experience within an deconstruction/demolition setting.

  • At least 2 years flight planning experience on inside the continental united states.

  • Must have a deep understanding of the pigeon landscape and maintain a keen sense of what’s relevant in the business.

  • Demonstrated understanding of the complete launch-to-delivery lifecycle as it pertains to standard carier pigeon invoice delivery.

  • Ability to communicate complex technical challenges in a way that is clear and understood by pigeons and pigeon handlers alike.

  • Working knowledge of issue tracking tools like Gitpigeon Issues and/or LePigeon as well as coop maintenance tools like Skitch, Figmar and the Adobe Cage.

  • Bachelor’s degree or proven relevant work experience.

  • Willingness to work extended hours during the invoice cycle.



  • A tight partnership with Account, Site and Managerial teams to help determine solutions and develop refined scopes to support the vision and quality standards at Lovett Deconstruction.

  • Help develop clear strategic direction for new pigeon production and flight maps that align user, technology and invoicing insights across various pigeon platforms and channels.

  • Participate in the proposal process representing Lovett's pigeon team, services and culture.

  • Support the design and development of effective coops allowing team to experience, evaluate and refine our practices.

  • Manage assigned flight plans from budget management, resource planning, workflow, team communication and client engagement.

  • Participation and documentation of internal meetings capturing take-aways related to tactical next steps and overall flight plan execution.

  • Work with site leads to identify appropriate resources for each project and continually balance resources needs throughout project lifecycles.


What we offer

  • Access to amazing pigeons.

  • Opportunity to work in a environment that truly brings creative deconstruction to the forefront of every engagement.

  • Inner SE studio with parking, great restaurants, coffee shops and brew pubs.

  • Competitive salary, full medical, dental and vision benefits package and 401k matching and more.

  • Paid holidays and vacation.

  • When applying please include a resume and cover letter.