We take great care in protecting your property from damage, and with years of experience looking after the details, Lovett Deconstruction is the industry leader in safe guarding your home.  We use a variety of techniques and materials to ensure a level of protection that goes beyond the standard.

Our first priority is to contain the work area so that dust and debris doesn't spread throughout the house.  Plastic walls are erected to seal off portions of the home that are not to be disturbed.   Additionally, HVAC units are turned off and vents are covered so particles aren't sucked in and blown through the house.

Floor protection is laid down to protect the immediate area of debris impacting, scratching, and dirtying the floor. We extend this protection to walkways outside of the deconstruction area so that as material is removed, it isn't spread out into the environment and into the neighborhood.  Extra care and precaution is also taken around landscaping so there is no inadvertent contamination or damage as building material is hauled through and past.

Our final process is our immaculate cleanup. Protection is removed with attention to folding the dirty side in on itself for disposal, and brooms remove the big stuff. Where we shine, however, is with our denailing and vacuuming process. At the end of a job we want it to be completely debris free and ready for the next remodeling stage. 

As a Certified Lead Based Paint Renovation Contractor, we test for the presence of lead paint on all of our projects that were built prior to 1978. If found, we contain all lead hazards and remove in accordance to local, state, and federal regulations. All of our project leads have passed an 8-hour lead based paint class and carry their certifications with them.

Because we hand dismantle room-by-room, layer-by-layer, we have become adept at knowing what hazardous materials may be present and where they may hide. This is why we test, every time, for asbestos and lead. If present, we follow required DEQ abatement procedures. 

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