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With a combined 50+ years of experience in the decon-struction industry, our crew has intimate knowledge of how to safely and efficiently disassemble nearly any built structure. Whether it's a one room removal or a full house take down, all dismantling is done by hand -  or rather many hands -  layer by layer, brick by brick, and then hauled out to the curb without the use of heavy machinery.  It is a physically demanding job that requires constant attention to shifting conditions, and having intelligent people directing every step of the process ensures that it's done safely, respectfully, and thoroughly. Every time. 

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Everyone at Lovett Deconstruction earns a living wage, which we believe is essential in establishing a crew that is thoughtful and caring about the deconstruction process. This is crucial for us to function as a business, but we find the rewards extend well beyond that. Any of our employees can be found talking with neighbors about what we do, taking precautions to keep debris and dust from seeping off of the work site, and generally looking after all the details that come up on a project.

Our goal is to provide a service that both our crew and our clients feel is productive, respectful, and conscientious. With every job, we aim to take care of people, offering a clean, neat, and thorough operation. Some of our crew members have worked together for many years, and we believe that this familial backbone has obvious benefits within our company and our daily workings, and that this quality lends and extends itself to the relationships we have with our clients.

And when we're not working, we try to have a bit of fun.

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