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When remodeling, Lovett Deconstruction is called onto a project to selectively deconstruct specific rooms within a house. For example, a kitchen or bathroom is being remodeled, and the old appliances, cabinetry, plumbing, light fixtures, walls, windows and flooring needs to come out before any remodeling can begin.

Our first priority on interior deconstruction is to protect the rest of the house from dust contamination and damage. We carefully move and cover any home furnishings, hang thick plastic over all entrances and HVAC vents, protect windows and floors, and keep our vacuums always at the ready. As a Certified Lead Based Paint Renovation Contractor, we take care to contain any lead hazards and remove it in accordance to local, state, and federal regulations.

Cabinets, appliances, vanities, light fixtures, and other substantial items are first removed and often donated to area re-sale shops, such as The ReBuilding Center and Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. These items can also be set aside for reuse in the remodel. The same is done with our careful removal of trim, door casings, windows, and closets for later use.

Walls of sheetrock, plaster/lath, and tile are then demoed down to the studs, and de-nailed for an obstruction free finish. Flooring is removed by hand to the subfloor, and can often be saved for reuse or repurposing.  A thorough sweeping and vacuuming ensures that only a clean shell remains and is ready for the next stage of remodel.   


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