Lovett Deconstruction recently hand disassembled a 1904 house in North Portland, thanks in part to a deconstruction grant offered through the City of Portland.

During the spring and summer of 2015, the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability gathered a group of industry professionals, concerned citizens, and strategic partners to develop incentives and methods to promote deconstruction over mechanical demolition. Their initial recommendation, which was unanimously supported by City Council, established a deconstruction grant program to help support a shift towards recycling houses.

Our goal is to preserve neighborhood character and affordability by discouraging demolitions. But when buildings must come down, that work should still serve the public good. Taking apart buildings in a way that allows for salvaging valuable materials for reuse benefits our community, economy, and environment. Our building stock is rich in quality materials that should find their way back into new building projects whenever possible. Deconstruction helps harvest these materials, and the Deconstruction Grant Program will serve as a tool to advance the practice, helping our city grow sustainably.
— Portland Mayor Charlie Hales

Thanks to deconstruction, landfill waste was greatly reduced as we prioritized salvaging materials for reuse. Over 1100 linear feet of 2x lumber was sold directly off the site to a local contractor for a remodel project, as well as 120 linear feet of 1x6 ship lap. Light fixtures, fans, windows, doors, and plumbing fixtures were donated to The ReBuilding Center. A gas oven and washer/dryer combo were gratefully accepted by Lovett Deconstruction crew members in need of those items. And over 3500 linear feet of lumber was purchased by SalvageWorks, who is always supplied and ready for any artistic endeavor.

Thank you City of Portland for this opportunity to showcase deconstruction!