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All exterior deconstruction is done by maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Lovett Deconstruction takes great care in protecting the area from potential contamination and damage. The same is true with nearby properties. Neighbors have often come up to us expressing their surprise and delight with how quiet and clean we are.

We hand remove all types of exterior siding, protecting landscaping as we go to ensure that any fallen paint chips and debris doesn't contaminate the environment. We reverse engineer roofs, chimneys, decks, and garages to bring them down safely, layer by layer. Material is sorted appropriately, keeping as much material out of landfills as possible. 

As a Certified Lead Based Paint Renovation Contractor, we take care that any lead based paint we encounter is removed in accordance to local, state, and federal regulations. And before any deconstruction can begin, Lovett Deconstruction requires, in accordance with the City of Portland, an asbestos survey to be completed and available onsite for the duration of the project.

Click here to read our policy concerning asbestos.

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