Effective April 20, 2015, applicants for City of Portland demolition permits must complete a Certification Regarding Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint, and provide this form to the Bureau of Development Services prior to issuance of the demolition permit.

Before commencing any work, Lovett Deconstruction requires a copy of an asbestos survey documenting whether or not asbestos is present in the area(s) to be disturbed.  

If detected, all asbestos containing material (ACM) must be properly abated by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor before any deconstruction work can begin. Lovett Deconstruction cannot remove any asbestos.  

Asbestos was used in the production of hundreds of various building materials throughout much of the Twentieth Century. Though the EPA prohibited the production of ACM beginning in the 1970s, asbestos was not banned and inventory was allowed to be sold off through the following decades. There is no "cut-off" date when determining the presence of asbestos containing materials.  Only laboratory testing can determine whether ACM is present or not.

Common asbestos containing materials include:

Sheet vinyl and mastics - often multiple layers stacked on top of each other are present. Samples need to be taken of each

9x9 vinyl floor tiles 

Textured skim coats

Loose insulation

Window caulk and glazing

Cement board


Wall and ceiling plaster - the different layers of plaster (typically three) will have different levels of asbestos present

Cement style shingles - typically used as siding

Torch down roofing - flat roofs

Popcorn ceiling texture

Old wiring insulation

Heat ducts - tape and insulation

When taking samples of ACM for laboratory testing:

  1. Wet sample area thoroughly to reduce release of fibers
  2. Don't disturb the material beyond what is required to obtain the sample
  3. Sample size should be, at minimum, the size of quarter
  4. Obtain sample of all layers present, including mastics
  5. Place sample in clean, air tight container
  6. Use damp towel to clean tools and excess residue in sample area
  7. Clearly label container with sample number, date, and where it was taken
  8. Maintain clear chain of custody when delivering sample to laboratory

Asbestos testing facilities - near Portland, Ore.

Certified Environmental Consulting


615 SE Chkalov Dr, Ste 12

Vancouver, WA 98683


LabCor, Inc


4321 SW Corbett Ave, Ste A

Portland, OR 97239


JSE Labs


3314 SE Harrison St, Ste C

Milwaukie, OR 97222

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